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pro bakyarder mess up!

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  • pro bakyarder mess up!

    I HOLD A BATFE TYPE 54 AND I NOT PERFECT AND NEVER WILL BE, HOWEVER IF CRAP WENT WRONG I WOULD OF BEEN DEAD. THE FIRST CLIP OF THIS VIDEO I WAS SHOT LATE AT LIKE 11:30 PM AT NIGHT SO I WAS TIERED, THE DAYTIME FOOTAGE WAS THE NEXT AFTERNOON. tell what you notice or where in this video i messed up. thank God nothing happened. the saying you learn every day is so true. this video was made about 3 years ago and yea, i was federally licensed and still if shit went wrong i would be dead. live and learn peeps! seasoned pyro vets or a complete newby. just be safe out there.

    I am New jersey's booming female fireworks tech !

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