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Wisconsin type 54 holder out there?

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  • Wisconsin type 54 holder out there?

    hey everyone, kell, here for those who don"t know me. when i grew up in southern new jersey. i got my type 54 right after my 21st birthday on October 3rd mailed my application in the last week of October and got a call from my local atf agent had a interview in person about 2 weeks later and got my type 54 in the mail about 3 week later and was official December 7th i think. i am now 26 years and have not had time to reapply or renew due to a few family deaths and the major heart attack on t Thanksgiving day morning 2014 that slow me down a shit ton, pardon my french. i have since moved to south east Wisconsin early October 2018. i have now just got the time on my hands to to apply again. i know it will be like applying for the first time. but my question is is there anyone here in Dane county Wisconsin that has their type 54? Dane county is home of Wisconsin's state capitol and state government and court building. i live in a apartment complex only about 10 miles from the capitol build in the same town. so saying that i know ill need a contingency plan as i have no one with land i could rent for a magazine and some up with a local agreement contract. i do know of 2 display companies that sell 1.3g product and supplies and i know one of those t 2 does have a continence plan. my other question is does anyone know or think i might have more stricter regulations thought the state and or atf being only 10 mile away from the state life lines? even if i a active and working continence plan? i am able to send my application in the first week of this June. the only thing i have to do is go to my local police dirsct cuz there is 6 of them and get my fingerprint card done and ask my local atf agent if ill need a letter my my apartment manger if i need a letter from them saying i can posses my type 54 in my apartment. in NJ i rented room and board from my mother and my atf agent there wanted a letter from my land lord who happened to my mother saying i can have my type 54 papers meaning my actual permit in my own house. i have a &75 chance of having a show in mid October for my birthday this year and if so if i have my type 54 im adding 1.3 into the show along with ematch and quick match. so any words of help and or idea ill love. thanks, be safe with this crazy ass pandemic,
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    You probably don't have much to go through the state Kelli, as your T54 is a federal issue. File your re-up and during the interview ask the agent about any state requirements. I would suggest that you not ask your apt people for that letter -- read your lease and odds are you are not permitted to keep any kind of "explosives" in your apt. Also means you cannot store even so much as a single 1.3g igniter in your apt. {Expensive but the newer 'Firewire Initiator' are exempt} Call any/each 1.3g provider in an 8 hour drive radius and ask them directly about contingency. You would have to identify one of them to buy from anyway, you know? Most 1.3g companies are happy to offer contingency as long as you buy something from them.

    As I understand it, most BATF agents are happy to explain if your state has any special requirements; many outside the east coast do not. My wife has her T54 (I do not - I prefer 1.4g) and in Indiana there are no additional requirements for licensing or registration; except for permitting any shoots.

    A couple of things may have changed since you last registered. As far as I know - the BATF now requires you to get and retain a Fire Marshall's permit for ->any<- 1.3g shoots. So it means you'd have to pull a permit to even use a single 1.3g igniter as I understand it. But don't listen to me -- call your 1.3g company and ask them. They are a MUCH better resource for local and state information than anyone else!

    Always better to ask and know than to guess and be wrong, you know?