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Flying Phoenix - 2019 Pricing

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  • Flying Phoenix - 2019 Pricing

    We like to buy 1.3G from Flying Phoenix, Wolverine, and Ace Pyro. Of course Texas is a fur piece from Wyoming and Michigan, so these vendors aggregate and schedule their 1.3G trucks to divide single truck shipments among multiple companies to our area. We like dealing with Flying Phoenix, great service, great selection, with good pricing without tiered discounts. Free shipping to Texas and most Western states, sorry East Coasters. Ace Pyro is a flat $10. per case shipping fee. It's interesting to us to monitor 1.3G price fluctuations, as well we buy items that are in stock with some suppliers and out of stock with other suppliers. Flying Phoenix offers AM Pyro's "Scene in a Box", pricey but American made with well designed "Scene's" that you can slot into shows. AM Pyro and F&F All Seasons shells have a long lead time when ordered directly, so ordering them from in stock saves some time. Anyway, in other forum's & FB pages this is frowned upon, but here's a link to a 2019 Flying Phoenix 1.3G Catalog and Ace Pyro has their pricing on their website:

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    With China shipping problems, it would be nice to have more competition in American made fireworks. However, with our wage schedule, we probably wouldn't be able to purchase much.
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