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Sync a show to a sound track

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  • Sync a show to a sound track

    There are many ways to get the fireworks and the music started at the same time. I thought I would list some of the methods I have used or seen.

    #1 - 1,2,3 Go! You get on the radio, telephone or side by side with the sound guy, cue up the show, cue up the music and both hit start at the same time. Pros: Cheap, effective. Cons: Might not be totally accurate, and if you pause the show, the music is not paused and will not be in sync after that.

    #2 - GPS Start - The audio and the pyro are started at a pre designated time via GPS. Pros: Accurate, distance does not matter. Cons: takes time to change the start time, so the sponsor asking you to hold off for another 5 minutes is awkward. Requires hardware/software for the audio system and firing system.

    #3 - Firing system provides audio - The Firing system is the source of the audio and is delivered by audio cable. Pros: Accurate, Music is in sync even with pauses or restarts of the show. Cons: must be within audio cable distance to the sound system.

    #4 - Time Code - The audio system starts and the pyro is fired from the time code in the audio. Pros: Accurate. Cons: Needs equipment for the firing system, and a special sound track with the time code embedded. Also, the pyro is not in control of starting the show. Pausing the show does not pause the music, but resync can occur. Hopefully, resync or starting the music at the end results in skipped pyro, not a "catch up" where cues are fired rapidly.

    #5 - Wireless Firing system to Music device - The firing system uses its radio to start music on a device at the audio board. Pros: Accurate and pause and resync is possible. Cons: The firinng system needs to support this. Distance limited to the firing systems normal wireless range.

    I'm sure I missed a few, what other ways are there to do a synchronized start the music and the show?