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Tips for better signal reception on wireless systems

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  • Tips for better signal reception on wireless systems

    If you are having low signal strength / range issues with a wireless system, there are 2 easy things that will help.

    1. All antennas in the system should be straight up and down. Below is a diagram showing the field pattern for a regular type antenna. Note that the strongest part is a ring perpendicular to the antenna. The gist is that all the senders/receivers should be in a geometric plane, and the antennas should be oriented tangential to the plane. Most of us shoot in relatively flat fields, so straight up and down usually works. On steep mountainsides or the sides of buildings go with tangential to the plane.


    2. Elevate the antenna off the ground. 15 inches will be adequate with most wireless systems. This can literally double the signal strength. 900 mhz system have a 33 cm wavelength, 2.5 ghz systems have a 12 cm wavelength. The goal is to be at least one wavelength off the ground. Set your receiver on a 5 gallon bucket and you have it covered.

    Hopefully, some of our radio enthusiasts will jump in with some additional tips.

    Happy wireless shooting out there!