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Origin of a new feature in Mongoose

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  • Origin of a new feature in Mongoose

    A while back I witnessed an incident with a different firing system where a show started during a sound check. No one hurt, no big deal, just a bit surprising. The takeaway for me was that there was another pre show activity in the shooters work flow that should be accounted for and made easy. The sound check.

    To address this, I added a couple of features to Mongoose. As you know, If mongoose is providing the audio to the sound system, a panel is shown with the wave-form of the audio and the audio file name. In pre show mode, I added a preview button and a volume slider on the audio panel. You can now start the audio playing, click to interesting parts of the audio on the wave form, and adjust the volume on the panel as well. Previewing the audio does not start the script. No need to dry run to check the audio levels. Easy to move around the playback to test the high spots and low spots. If the shooter presses the end preview button, or moves the mouse to the show start button, or a multicue button, the sound check ends and the audio is cued to the start.

    Sound levels adjusted correctly from the start. Less stress on the shooter.

    Being able to add features like this to make a shooters job less stressful is one of the best parts of my job. This feature is in soon to be released version 3.0.1.

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    This is a great addition. I will look forward to this release!
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