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What are MultiCues

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  • What are MultiCues

    One of the key features of the Mongoose system is the MultiCue. The MultiCue is a tightly timed series of cues (fire, dwell, dmx macro) spanning one or more Field Unit. The cues are triggered off a single scripted command or burtton push. The timing inside the MultiCue is accurate to 1/1000th of a second. MultiCues are loaded into the Field Units when the script is loaded. The advantage of all this is that a single command can be transmitted, and the MultiCue is fired on all the Field Units. True simultaneous firing is a reason to use a MultiCue also.

    MultiCues are used for flights, fronts, strafing runs and many other effects. MultiCues are Lock out compliant. MultiCues will not fire an effect that is locked out .

    MultiCues can be fired or scripted as many times as you need, for those using effects that can be triggered repeatedly. We are excited to see MultiCues exposed as buttons being used to manually fire interesting flame projector, spark and cryo "riffs" during performances.

    If you have a script, you can use the Mongoose Editor to select the series of cues and convert them to a MultiCue using the "Convert to MultiCue" button.