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Unboxing Day

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  • Unboxing Day

    So, your Field Units, Base Radio, slats, cables and battery charger arrive and you wonder what do I do first?

    1. Install the mongoose software on a PC.

    2. Get a flash drive to use to configure the Field Units and plug it into your PC.

    3. Start the Mongoose Software.

    4. Open the Settings tab, and pick a System Id, Radio Channel and create a passphrase for your mongoose system.


    5. Press the "Save Mongoose Settings to This Drive" button to save the Mongoose Settings to the Flash Drive.

    6. For each of your Field Units, turn them on, and then insert the flash drive. You will see the the display indicate that the drive was found, read and then the Field Unit screen will show
    you the updated settings on the normal screen. Below is a picture of the Field Unit Screen with all the items labelled. The settings are at the factory default of 42/42/No Encryption.


    Keep the flash drive handy, or make as many copies as you want. Every time you get a Field Unit simply repeat step 6 to make it yours. Once configured, a Field Unit retains the configuration until changed.


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    Oh, here is what is under the lid of a Field Unit - This shows where you plug in the charger and the USB port for the flash drive.



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      I really wish I had this forum when I first began with Mongoose, but the QuickStart Guide was written pretty well so I made it through lol
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