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Its dark out there, where are your Field Units?

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  • Its dark out there, where are your Field Units?

    Here is a super helpful hint to make tear down easier.

    While you wait out the cool down period after your show, turn on all the Field Units Lights.

    Do This by going to the "Lights" selection on the main menu, and select "Turn on Field Unit LEDs" on the pull down.

    Why? Because finding field units in the dark is much easier when they are lit up and blinking! Get in the habit of leaving the FUs turned on until they are put in a truck, and you are unlikely to drive away short on FUs.

    This saved me from losing one at NFA last summer, on a very busy field with lots of equipment.


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    I just used this finally not too long ago and it is an awesome feature! Another reason I stick with Mongoose for my shows.
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