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How to upgrade Field Unit Firmware

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  • How to upgrade Field Unit Firmware

    Our Field Unit Firmware release is ready.

    Here is a reminder of how to upgrade the Field Unit Firmware. You will need a USB flash drive.

    When a new firmware release is put out through the SimpliFire website Support area, these steps can be used to upgrade the unit to the latest software.

    •Download the new encrypted firmware from the SimpliFire website. Please ensure that if the upgrade requires you to also upgrade the Mongoose Display Director software, you perform those steps too.

    •The new firmware will be in a file called "mfu.enc". Copy this file to the main ( '\' ) directory of a flash USB drive.

    •On the field unit, ensure that it is first powered down. Make sure the unit has been recharged recently and has a good charge.

    •Press and hold the Option Knob and the "Arm" button. While holding these down, press the power key until the back-light comes on and release it. Then you can release the Option knob and Arm key.

    •At this point it should ask you to insert the firmware upgrade. Insert the drive into the connector on the front panel. The system will them proceed to read in the data, and verify that it is good.

    •If the file does not verify, please reload it to the drive making sure that you leave several seconds between when the filed finishes copying to the drive, and removing the drive from the computer.

    •When the file verifies, it will ask you to remove the drive. Do so, then the second half of the update process will complete. If the process encounters a problem, please contact SimpliFire support. Otherwise the unit will automatically restart and be running the new firmware.

    •If a radio firmware is included in the upgrade, when the unit restarts, it will take about a minute to upgrade the radio firmware as well.


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    Hey Neil, is the new firmware update out now? I know you were talking about it not terribly long ago.
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      How to upgrade field unit firmware? Upgrade field unit is share on the page and with more bestessay which you want is share on the page and hope so you like it ever with all of the reason. So it is important ever and hope you also want to upgrade the field.