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Comet/mine towers

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  • Comet/mine towers

    I made the mistake by not saving pictures that were lost on pyrofan.

    I am trying to build some comet/mine towers for my show.

    What is the best way to go about building these? Using wood or aluminum? I have some decent sized aluminum u channel that i could probably fab up. I have some ideas but I was hoping someone could chime in with some pictures or suggestions on what materials are best to use for this.

    I am not thinking of building anything to crazy like coachtimmys "apple blossom" tower for example that he attached to a man lift, which was rather tall i may add but awesome!!! And im sure very time consuming to make

    I do have access to the landowners man lift to help with setting the towers up.

    I was only thinking of going maybe 16-30' tall maybe? just wanted to get some comets and mines off the ground to shoot sideways. Looking to build something that i can transport and piece together in the field. Not sure if i could just use 2x4 and splice them together to get whatever desired height i was after?

    Also, what would be the minimum distance from the ground needed if i wanted to fire 35mm maybe even 50mm mines sideways? How much of an angle would be needed so they fire in somewhat of an arch so they dont spray the ground? I know taller the tower is best in this situation

    Thanks in advance
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    Bumping this as I'm also looking for options. I've also considered looking for used scaffolding as an option.


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      Seems like this forum is pretty quiet still.