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76 Pro Line and KCAP

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  • 76 Pro Line and KCAP

    Im looking at recreating the effect at 4:04 in the KCAP show. Any info on doing so would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Those parabolas are actually a lot easier than you might think... you NEED some space though! Basically, just figure out how many stations you are able to have (at LEAST 20 ft of spacing, preferably 50 between) and then figure out how big you want your parabola! Do you want a full wall or just a 65 degree span? There is more work than just this degree, this degree, and this degree that goes into them.


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      The effect was setup using the 76 slider plates and holders attached to wood as shown on this page It can be done with other equipment though. Your equipment needs to be accurate and capable of holding angles after shots have been fired on it.

      Use high quality pre loaded comets instead of reloadables as they fly more accurately. The angles were cut precisely on the wood and then the platform they were screwed to was leveled in the field.

      Use visual scripting software to find the angle and timing that will look best for your product and setup.

      Test your setup before your show and video it so that you can fine tune it.