2019: Black Friday Sale - American Wholesale Fireworks

In honor of Black Friday we want to thank you for being apart of our VIP Program! We are offering 20% off your entire purchase over $500 until December 1st! We will also throw in a free t-shirt! This offer is valid for all VIP, Gold, and Platinum Customers. All you have to do is type in the following discount code in your shopping cart...


This offer is valid until 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 1st. AS A REMINDER, THIS OFFER IS NOT VALID FOR DIAMOND OR ELITE CUSTOMERS! We do have additional discount opportunities for Diamond (10% off) or Elite (5% off) customers if you contact us directly. If you are a Diamond or Elite customer and use the coupon code we will have to void the order.


As many of you already know there is a scheduled 15% tariff on all consumer fireworks for December 15th. As long as your order is in by that time we can guarantee the current pricing. Even if you don't want to pickup or have the items shipped as long as you pay in full we will honor the current pricing.

Thanks for being a VIP Customer and Happy Holidays!