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Discussion forum rules

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  • Discussion forum rules


    Discussion Forum Rules:
    Our goal is to provide a platform for fellow pyro to share information, ideas, and get advice. We will try our best to NOT "over moderate" the forums, but keep the following in mind when on this site.

    This discussion forum is open to the entire pyrotechnic world.
    A) We encourage feedback to fellow pyros and you are free to critique overall procedures, products, and services, but YOU own your statements and your own opinions are just that YOURS; so be respectful to others. Any statements made of blatant disrespect, derogatory, racially or sexual orientation motivated, and personal attacks of other members will not be tolerated. Your post and possibly your account will be removed.

    B) We are not here to provide legal advice; consult the NFPC (orange book / 5400.7), your federal, state, and local authorities as necessary.

    C) Got something LEGAL to sale…. post items for sale, under the "yard-sale" section only.

    D) Videos/pictures posted on this site become a permanent record of this site; the hosting/ domain providers, site administrators, moderators, members, or guests have no claims to the content. As you probably don’t own the rights to the music used in the videos – make sure this is stated

    Absolutely NO videos/pic of OL’s, dangerous or illegal activities.

    The site is financed by a small group of advertisers and fellow pyros, and as advertisers come on board, please support them in any way possible and visit their page often. we all need their support.
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