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homemade trip alarm for fireworks when camping

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  • homemade trip alarm for fireworks when camping

    so i took s mouse trap and hot glued onto the black board in the video in this post and then tied a wire to the metal leaver part that snaps the mouse's neck and the other wire from the 9 volt battery to a piece of aluminum foil glued to the trap right under the leaver part. then tied a piece of string to the part of the trap where you put the bait / peanut butter. so to hook up the nicrome clip igniter i taped one wire towards the end / side of the foil piece that is glued to the trap and the other wire to the side of the the kill leaver. so when the trap is tripped, it works like a switch from the battery and turn on the nicrome clip. so this is good for border safety when camping. so just hook a piece of fast visco to the nicrome clip and the at the end of the 2 - 3 inch fast fuse, hook up a firecracker. and then wala.
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