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Comet Racks for Sale

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  • Comet Racks for Sale

    Hi Guys Rouse here, some of you know me as the creator of the Cobra Show Creator for Cobra Firing Systems.
    I have started a new Company doing custom cabinets and wood work. I have purchased a CNC Router and have decided to sell my design of
    my comet rack that I made years ago. The picture below is 6 racks side by side. These can also be placed back to back to create a complete arch.
    Other designs can be made if requested.

    The racks below will be 65.00 plus shipping not assembled.
    If you would like yours assembled the price will be 85.00 plus shipping.
    If you would like yours clear coated with a poly coat this adds 20.00 to cost.
    Takes 10 days for delivery from time of payment.

    Angles are 90, 75, 60, 45, 30
    Please note the ones in the picture had a 5 Degree row to skip them across the water. This will not be on the for sale racks.
    All 3/4" Plywood Construction
    Comes with simple instructions to assemble with part A goes on A and B goes on B.

    I have attached 4 images of them in action.
    If you would like to place an order or have more questions drop me an email at [email protected]
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    was not aware that you were the brains behind CSC. Learned something new today. I think Cobra Firing Systems missed the boat on this software. There is such a limited amount of programs available for scripters. The best one, which I won't name, is out of most everyone's budget for just a few backyard displays. If the guys at Cobra could at least get visual display in CSC, and offer it at a more modest cost, I believe they would corner the market share for backyard enthuisist, at least. I purchased CSC and let it expired. There really hasn't been much updating on it in quite awhile.
    ​​​​​​​Anyway, your racks look good. Do they just hold up to 35mm shots or am I not seeing it correctly? Are the holes big enough for 50mm? Or, can they be made to hold multiple sizes?
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      It can be ordered in both 50mm or 35mm up to the buyers. The one above in first post, we used it for both, the 35mm was just a bit loose for my taste.
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        Will you be selling these at the PGI convention