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Cobra Firing Systems, LLC

COBRA is a U.S. Manufacturer of wireless firing systems. Our flagship COBRA 18 firing system is perfect for small to medium-sized shows and boasts bi-directional communication and will fire up to 1,800 unique cues. 

We also offer world-class customer service from our operations here in the U.S.

For more information visit: http://www.cobrafiringsystems.com/.   

PyroBoom, LLC

Pyroboom is a leading provider of HDPE consumer and display mortar tubes and racks. We also sell firework supplies, firing systems and firing supplies. We are the first and only company to offer an online rack builder, where you design your rack and we build it for you. 

We ship super-fast and have amazing customer service.

For more information visit: http://www.pyroboom.com/.   

RKM Fireworks

RKM Fireworks specializes in professional firework displays. To make your event truly unique we will create a custom show just for you. 

Make a lasting impression at your next event by adding pyrotechnics.

For more information visit: http://www.rkmfireworks.com/.   

Spirit of '76

 Since 1987, we have delivered America's best fireworks, helping our customers put on amazing consumer fireworks displays. Our factory direct buying makes it possible for you to buy fireworks online at the best wholesale prices.  

 We offer the best in firecrackers, 500 grams, bottle rockets, sparklers, artillery shells, sky lanterns, roman candles, multi-shot cakes, and other pyrotechnics. Spirit of '76 distributes the highest quality wholesale fireworks from these brands: Brothers Pyrotechnics, Cannon Fireworks, Firehawk, Mighty Max, Shogun, Winda, Sky Bacon, and '76 Pro Line.  

 Buy wholesale fireworks today from Spirit of '76!  

For more information visit: http://www.76fireworks.com/.   

 Casabella Pyrotechnics 

Casabella Pyrotechnics is a full service fireworks importer and distributor as well as your #1 provider of high quality display equipment and professional fireworks displays. We cater to individuals and companies in the fireworks industry wholesaling both consumer fireworks and display fireworks. We welcome all 1.3g, 1.4 Pro and 1.4 consumer fireworks customers, as well as discerning individuals of high quality firing equipment and professional displays.

For more information visit: http://casapyro.com/.   

American Wholesale Fireworks

American Wholesale Fireworks offers high quality 1.4g and 1.4 Pro products at wholesale prices 

 Call or e-mail for sales and/or questions: [email protected], (330) 656-2380

For more information visit: https://americanwholesalefireworks.com/.   

Happy Family Fireworks

Happy Family Fireworks was established in 2005, which integrated with scientific research, manufacturing and sales of fireworks. We are located in Liuyang city, which is the hometown of fireworks. 

Our main products are Saturn Missiles, professional and consumer Fountains, Cakes, and shells. Our products are distributed to U.S.A., England, Holland, South America and Asia.

For more information visit: http://www.happyfamilyfireworks.com/jialef/.   


The minds behind the FireTEK firing system are engineering and fireworks professionals who came together to build a firing system up from scratch. Our first firing system was developed in year 2009. 

The new concept was introduced in 2014, and the main objective was to create a firing system that is easy to use but at the same time being robust and secure to cater for all firing needs within various industries.

For more information visit: http://ftek.eu/.   

Lynch Imports LLC

Lynch Imports is proud to be your quality professional and consumer fireworks wholesaler. Since 2003, we’ve been on the lookout for the newest and best products to make your shows unique and keep people talking. 

We’re a small family business with a simple goal: to help you translate your life-long passion for fireworks into safe, compliant displays and successful retail operations.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and can't wait to help you make your business and displays better.

For more information visit: https://lynchimportsllc.com/.   

J & M Displays

J & M Displays is seeking all levels of pyrotechnic display workers from the most experienced to eager new fireworks enthusiast. Help is needed in all areas of United States particularly in the southern areas of United States. Please apply now. Visit our website for application details. 

For more information visit: https://www.jandmdisplays.com/join-our-team.html.   

Finale Fireworks 3d

It's time to try out Finale 3D, the successor to the #1 best selling fireworks scripting software, Finale Business. 

The new software is packed with exciting features like DMX, flame projectors, cremora fireballs, and ultra-HD videos -- and important new features like drag-and-drop pins for rack layout, customizable addressing sorts and constraints, and single-shot racks.

Hobbyist version available. Check it out from the website!

For more information visit: https://finale3d.com/.   

Wayne’s World Fireworks, LLC

Wayne’s World Fireworks, LLC is a direct importer and distributor of wholesale Professional Grade Class B (1.3G) and Consumer Class C (1.4G) fireworks and equipment. We are family-owned and operate with a small staff of dedicated employees that are like family. 

We are dedicated to providing quality service with the best prices, while retaining our family-business tradition that is difficult to find these days. We take great pride in providing quality fireworks with exquisite effects which our customers count on time and time again!

Our facility is located in Bowling Green, Indiana. We believe fireworks are an efficient and effective way to entertain large groups of patrons or private family events for ALL occasions to include graduations, birthdays, and special parties.

As an experienced and expanding company, we have the ability to meet your current and future needs at reasonable prices.

For more information visit: https://www.waynesworldfireworks.net/.   

MJG Technologies

The only ATF non-regulated initiator on the market. Don't be fooled, the safety explosives act of 2003 regulated all igniters. After many samples and conversations with the ATF, we are proud to announce that we have a non regulated product. These were made specifically for rocketry, law enforcement, and consumer fireworks. Per our patent and ATF agreement, they are only available with a Blue and white lead wire. 

*Orders less than a case will ship US Mail, without insurance, and can take 2 weeks to deliver. They ship Parcel post. there is not tracking, even though you will get a #. It will only show you when it departs our local facility, and when it arrives to your local facility. It does not update along the way like priority mail. As a special permit is needed to ship these via US Mail, returns are not accepted.

Please be sure of your order, and do not place an order if it is time sensitive.

Be sure to use the promo code in the banner to receive your discount.

For more information visit: https://electricmatch.com/.   

Intergalactic Fireworks

Intergalactic Fireworks is family owned, and operated by knowledgeable Fireworks Professionals. We will educate you on what we have available for you, and how to use it correctly. We will share our knowledge of the products we sell and instruct you on how to Safely enjoy them to the Max! Not many other firework stores can give you that. During the entire year, there is always a Professional Pyrotechnician available for you to learn from! These are just some of the very important things that make Intergalactic stand apart from the rest! We are a true Pyrotechnic team that loves sharing our knowledge with You…Our Customers! Intergalactic only sells the Best Quality products from the Top Name Manufacturers. We can help you find the products you desire to light up your event. 

Intergalactic Fireworks - www.intergalacticfireworks.com

1480 East Lincoln Highway, Langhorne, PA 19047

Order Fireworks Wholesale/Retail Call: 215-752-5600

In Store Pickup Available out of state customers welcome.

For more information visit: https://www.intergalacticfireworks.com/.   


QuickClips is the manufacturer of the Australian made all stainless steel pyrotechnic attachment connector. Our Goal is to provide the pyrotechnics industry of the world with our products at an affordable price without compromising quality. 

For more information visit: https://www.quick-clips.com.au/.   


Our products are designed and engineered in Australia by some of the best engineers available, resulting in affordable products that are reliable, simple to use and flexible enough to suit even ambitious applications. Through industry consultation and experience we determined that existing firing systems are often poorly made, unreliable, complex, and in some cases overpriced.

Therefore our goal has been to develop a world-class Pyrotechnics firing system that is. 

  • easy to use 
  • flexible 
  • reliable 
  • and of course, affordable.

Having achieved these goals, we are proud to offer the ultimate firing system – the QuickFire Pyrotechnics Firing System. 

For more information visit: https://www.quick-fire.com.au.   

Tear Off Apparel

When I was a young boy racing go-karts, nothing would have been cooler than to have my own t-shirts. I had a couple problems though. Problem one, I only needed a small amount of shirts. The other was most printers only did large orders at a high cost. My only solution was to sit down with a plain white t-shirt and permanent markers to design my shirt. It just wasn’t the same as the real thing. When I started racing sprint cars, my brother and I started printing shirts at a friend’s print shop. Obviously not everyone has this available to them. Because of this, my wife Melissa and I have designed and created a company dedicated to providing printing in smaller quantities at an affordable rate. We can also handle your large orders as well. That is why Tear Off Apparel is the right choice to meet all of your screen printing needs. 

Tearoff Apparel

Screen Printing & Embroidery

6026 W US HWY 40, Stilesville, Indiana 46180

[email protected]

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Tearoff-Apparel-289308311435/

For more information visit: http://www.tearoffapparel.com/index.html

Racoon Fireworks Co., Ltd.

Changsha Racoon Fireworks Co., Ltd.Founded in Oct.1994, We are a big gathering of fireworks technology, research, production, sales and display in Liuyang, China. 

With a total annual output of 300,000+ cases of custom items with 100+ brands for 50+ companies and enterprises all around the world, all our three factories are all engaged in fireworks production all the way from when we started. And our products covered Display Shells, Professional Cakes, 500 Gram Cakes, 200 Gram Cakes and Canister shells. Our items are all with ISO certification, EX No.s or CE certification.

With an annual sales of USD10 million dollars and annual taxes contribution of USD 2 million dollars, our company is rewarded as ”Top 100 Chinese Fireworks Enterprise” and” Top 10 Fireworks Exporter”.

All these years we have been doing one thing--to offer the best fireworks products and service to our customer. And we will keep it going as our principal focus. Let’s bloom the sky with fireworks and enjoy a splendid feast of light and fire together.

contact us If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Raccoon US Service Team 

Our US based service team is easy to reach. They can help you with all communication and logistic needs. 

Western Region: Meagan 

Phone: (715) 204-9810 / Email: [email protected] 

Eastern Region: Brian 

Phone: (570)854-2302 / Email: [email protected] 

For more information visit: https://www.racoonfireworks.com/.   


CraigCo is a family-owned business, located in Brookville, PA, dedicated to developing and producing innovative equipment for the display fireworks industry. At CraigCo, we understand how competitive this industry is and how small advantages can make a huge difference between being profitable and going out of business. Our goal is to help your company become more creative with its show design and to be more efficient in the field, as well as the warehouse, at an affordable cost. 

From our humble beginnings of working with individual pyrotechnicians to create an easier, more efficient means of implementing single-shot devices into their shows, to working with professional display companies, such as Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts, L.L.C., StarFire Corp., Lews Fireworks, Big Sky Fireworks, FireArt, our goal has remained the same… to help our customers gain a competitive edge and be at the forefront of pyrotechnic equipment innovation.

Not only do we have in-house solutions for many of our client’s needs; we are also able to manufacture custom devices for any challenging project. Here at CraigCo, we don’t see problems that we can't design a solution for.

CraigCo. LLC 

(814) 553-7575 

1767 Seneca Trail • Brookville, PA 15825 

[email protected] 

For more information visit: https://craigco.co/.   

Wisley Pyrotechnics

So, who doesn’t like fireworks? For many of us they are a tradition we wouldn’t want to give up. A “freedom” so to speak that we enjoy not only on the 4th of July, but any time of year someone is willing to set them off. As with many of you my love of fireworks started as a child. Sparklers, smoke bombs, snakes, Lady Fingers, bottle rockets, anything I could get my hands on. Here in Indiana you couldn’t buy most of the “out-of-state” fireworks so it was a big deal when us kids could find some wonderful adult who would buy us some from the local stand and sign the waiver! What an exciting time of life that was. But for some of us that feeling never gets old. Some of us grew up and still (or possibly now more than ever) love the excitement of setting off fireworks.  

In 2006 I started shooting 1.3g shows with a friend of mine who was gracious enough to teach me the ropes. I continued to learn over the next two years until our friendship was separated by distance. At that point I applied for my Type 54 BATF license and never looked back. I shot every thing I could afford to shoot….and then some. I shot a couple of shows each year for children’s youth camps and a couple more for churches. Being the owner of a small construction company, I decided to shoot a show each year for our annual customer / subcontractor appreciation dinner.  

Through the years I bought most all of my products from Carter and Jeannie Bell at Bell Pyrotechnics Inc. (BPI) In the summer of 2018, my wife, Chelsea, and I learned of the potential retirement of the Bells. After many conversations with them about a possible inventory buy out, we decided to make one of my favorite hobbies something a little bit more. With our contracting company already having an office location and land for expansion it made the accusation of the Bells inventory a much easier process. Over the last 6 month we have added explosives magazines to our location, added roads, moved inventory and received shipments from China. 

I can’t say enough good about Carter and Jeannie who have been by our side every step of the way. What was at first a very intimidating transition has been a wonderful experience. We have built a lasting friendship with the Bells and look forward to any part they wish to play in the future of Wisley Pyrotechnics Inc. Our most sincere gratitude goes out to the Bells for helping us start this business. Our goal is to make sure you as the customer receive the same level of customer service you did from the Bells. You will find our location to provide plenty of room for parking and a comfortable office. Chelsea and I look forward to meeting you and severing your pyrotechnic needs in the coming year. 

4100 Leatherwood Road Bedford, Indiana 47421 

(812) 278-7789  

For more information contact us: 



We want your fireworks related banner on the website. pyrouniverse.info is viewed by fireworks enthusiast in United States and around the world.

Fireworks, equipment, accessories, products, events, and industries such as insurance, transportation etc are all welcome. 

Are you selling something the advanced pyrotechnic hobbyist would be interested in, let us help expand your market and get the word out to backyard fireworks enthusiast and professionals. 

Contact us today and we will provide you the details. 

For more information visit: contact us